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Regional Teaching Partnerships - Policies, Procedures and Guidance  

There are a number of policy, procedure and guidance documents which support the delegation of responsibilities as agreed for the regional teaching partnerships. Standard forms to be used in conjunction with these policies and procedures are also listed.

Please note: Any forms (e.g. Outline Planning Permission forms) must be processed through the standard College procedures for Lancaster University programmes, and not sent directly to the University.  If you need any further assistance, please contact, in the first instance, the member of staff at your college who liases with the university on such matters.

1. Regional Teaching Partnership Handbooks

Blackpool & The Fylde College Regional Teaching Partnership Handbook

2. Admissions

Guidance note on the Recognition of Prior Learning  (PDF)

Recommendation for the award of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) (PDF) (Word)

3. Programme Design, Development and Approval


Guidelines for the design of Foundation Degrees and Honours top-up years (PDF)

Staffing Statement (PDF)

Programme Validation and Revalidation

Revalidation and Validation: Processes and Procedures   (PDF)

Validation procedures: Blackpool College Foundation Degree and Lancaster University Top-up
Degree  (PDF)

Fast Track Revalidation Procedures (PDF)

Outline Planning Permission Form (Validation)  (Word)

Outline Planning Permission Form (Validation) - BP (Word) (PDF)

Outline Planning Permission Form (Revalidation)   (Word) (PDF)

Guidance on documentation for Validation/Revalidation   (PDF)

Table on indicative hours for teaching and learning activities (PDF) (Excel)

Validation Report Template (PDF) (Word)

Revalidation Report Template (PDF) 

External Assessor Guidance (PDF)

Programme and Module Amendment

Programme and Module Amendment Procedures (PDF)

Major Amendment Form (PDF) (Word)

Module Amendment Form (PDF)  (Word)

Programme Closure

Programme Closure Report Form (PDF) (Word)

4. Programme Monitoring and Review

Monitoring and Review Procedures and Guidelines (PDF)

Annual Programme Review Report: Procedures and Guidelines (PDF)

Annual Programme Review Appendix: Staffing for the programme (template) (PDF) (Word)

Programme Consultant Guidance (PDF)

Annual Quality Report Template (Word) (PDF)

5. Assessment

External examiner information, procedures and regulations

Regional Teaching Partner Assessment Regulations 2018-19

Blackpool College Award Regulations/Appendices 2018-19

Blackburn College Award Regulations/Appendicies 2018-19

6. Complaints and Appeals

CoP complaints and appeals protocols

CoP complaints and appeals flowchart

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