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The Senate-approved policy on academic support for undergraduate students (Academic Tutor system) is incorporated into the Manual of Academic Regulations and Procedures (MARP). Information and guidance is provided below on the operation of this.

Academic support is provided to all undergraduate students to facilitate their academic development and understanding. All undergraduates will have a named personal Academic Tutor who is a full member of academic staff. Each department will designate an Academic Tutor Co-ordinator to allocate the academic tutors and be a single point of contract between the Colleges and the department.

Below are two documents to provide information and support for this role:

Academic Tutor handout
Academic Tutor questions

Each department has an Academic Tutor Co-ordinator. Below are a list of Co-ordinators and guidance notes for this role. In addition a list of College Administrators is attached as there may need to be interaction between Co-ordinators and Administrators over specific cases.

Academic Tutors Co-ordinator guidance notes
Academic Tutor Co-ordinators

The particular way in which each department manages academic tutoring and the role of the co-ordinator is to be locally determined. Attached is a model used in Biomedical and Life Sciences. Others will be added as they are developed.

Academic Tutor coordinator checklist
Advisee Form

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