Plagiarism Framework Secretariat:

Plagiarism Framework

The revised Plagiarism Framework was approved by Senate in May 2009 for implementation from 1st October 2009.

This Framework (and the sanctions within it) applies to all coursework submitted by students for examination by the University in all academic programmes other than research degrees. It does not apply to those degree schemes where the entire assessment is based on one submitted piece of work (eg MPhil, MA/MSc by Research, and PhD).

Academic integrity is important because, without honesty and trust, true academic discourse becomes impossible, learning is distorted and the evaluation of student progress and academic quality is seriously compromised. Consequently, the University is committed to:

a. defending the academic credibility and reputation of the institution
b. protecting the standards of its awards
c. ensuring that its students receive due credit for the work they submit for assessment
d. advising its students of the need for academic integrity, and providing them with guidance on best practice in studying and learning
e. educating its students about what intellectual property is, why it matters, how to protect their own, and how to legitimately access other people's
f. protecting the interests of those students who do not cheat.

The Framework defines the University's position with respect of plagiarism, identifying the roles and responsibilities of staff and students, and the procedures which should be followed where plagiarism is suspected. Whilst the Framework addresses how to deal with plagiarism fairly and appropriately where it is occurs, the University is is also keen to encourage teaching, learning and assessment practices which encourage students to maintain high standards of academic integrity and so prevent plagiarism arising in the first place.

Further information on plagiarism procedures are available from Student Registry. Advice to staff on the use of Turnitin to identify potential plagiarism, guidelines to students on how to avoid plagiarism and a study guide for new students are also available on LancasterAnswers.  Please use the following links:

General Lancaster Answers link with all the answers on Turnitin

For Staff (create turnitin assignment in Moodle) 

For Students (submit to Moodle)



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