Course Design and Approval Secretariat:

Course Design and Approvals Process

Course approval is the process by which the aims, learning outcomes and rationale for proposed new and revised degree schemes are described and tested by peer academics in the same department, in the faculty and elsewhere in the University.

The course approvals process supports the process of course design so that academic staff are guided through the issues they need to consider (e.g. viability, curriculum design, learning, teaching and assessment, etc.).

Course approval is also the way in which the University, which has ultimate responsibility for the academic standards and quality of the awards it makes, can assure itself that degree schemes have been thought through from concept to delivery so that the educational experience being offered to students is comparable and meets institutional priorities/concerns (e.g. innovative learning, teaching and assessment practice, employability, equal opportunities, etc.).

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  • Description of access to the online course approvals system.
  • Notes of Guidance on process for new or revised schemes/ modules.
  • Useful links eg guides to writing learning outcomes for new modules.

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