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Programme Design, Development and Approval Process

The process for programme design, development and approval is contained within the Quality Assurance and Enhancement chapter of Lancaster University's Manual of Academic Regulations and Procedures (MARP).

Formal Approval is required for all new taught programmes and modules (including research degrees with a taught element) and any revisions to programmes and modules (including withdrawal of a programme).

The University has an online Course Approvals and Information Tool (CAIT) which is used for the approval of new programmes and modules and for the revision of existing programme and modules. Curriculum and assessment mapping templates should be completed for each programme of study.

Guidance on revisions to programmes and modules, giving definitions of changes and processes to be followed for each type of change is available here.

If you should have any questions relating to programme design, development and approval, please contact your Faculty Teaching Quality Support Officer (TQSO) in the first instance. Any queries can also be directed to the Academic Standards and Quality Team.

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