ATR Secretariat:

Annual Teaching Review (ATR)

Academic departments are required to complete Annual Teaching Reviews (ATR) for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The postgraduate ATR covers both postgraduate taught and some elements of postgraduate research provision.

The Planning Office provide datasets to inform the completion of the Annual Teaching Reviews. These are available from their Student Demographic dashboards.

The current Annual Teaching Review (ATR) pro-formas for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are available for download below.

Undergraduate ATR pro-forma

Postgraduate Taught ATR pro-forma

Postgraduate Research AR pro-forma

The current Faculty Annual Teaching Review pro-formas are available for download below.

Faculty Undergraduate ATR pro-forma

Faculty Postgraduate Taught ATR pro-forma

Faculty Postgraduate Research AR pro-forma

If you should have any questions relating to ATR, please contact either your Faculty TQSO or ASQ directly.


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