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Academic Standards and Quality Committee
(a sub-committee of Education Committee)

ex officio

Professor Mark E. Smith (Vice-Chancellor)
Professor Amanda G. Chetwynd (Provost for Student Experience, Colleges and the Library)
Professor Jane E. Taylor (University Dean for Academic Quality) (in the Chair)
Dr Charlotte Baker (Associate Dean for Teaching (Postgraduate), Arts and Humanities)
Dr Willem Hollman (Associate Dean for Teaching (Undergraduate), Arts and Humanities)
Professor Paul McKean (Associate Dean for Education (Postgraduate), Health and Medicine)
Dr Christine Shirras (Associate Dean for Education (Undergraduate), Health and Medicine)
Professor Mark Shackleton (Associate Dean (Postgraduate Studies), Management School)
Dr Casey Cross (Associate Dean (Undergraduate Education), Management School)
Dr Chris Edwards (Associate Dean for Teaching (Postgraduate), Science and Technology)
Professor Jim Wild (Associate Dean for Teaching (Undergraduate), Science and Technology)
Mr Ian Meeks (Vice-President Education, Students' Union)
Ms Alison Mullan (Head of Academic Standards and Quality)
Mr Ian Denny (Head of Student Registry)
Mr Pete Maggs (Director of Library Services and Learning Development)

in attendance

Mr Simon Allan (Head of Educational Development)
Ms Suzanne Parkes (Quality Assurance and Enhancement Manager, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)
Mr Geoff Clarke (Quality Assurance and Enhancement Manager, Faculty of Health and Medicine, and Faculty of  Science and Technology)
Ms Patricia White (Quality Assurance and Enhancement Officer, Management School)
Mr Chris Cottam (one member of staff from the Students' Union)

(secretary:  Ms Judith Anstee)

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