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Student Complaints

You can download the current Student Complaints Procedures using the links below. These have been written for both students and staff who wish to understand the full process.

The Procedures explain what type of complaint would typically be followed up via the formal process and how an appropriate complaint would be reviewed, investigated and resolved.

It is important to remember that ...
if you have a complaint relating to a person or persons within a teaching department, College or any other division of the University
then you must first take that up with that department, College or division.

It is also important to note that the Student Complaints process does not cover grievances with regard to fines imposed upon a student by a College. Such grievances are normally directed via the University Dean and that process is outlined in Part II of the University Rules (available here).

Students Complaints: Procedures (Word) (PDF version)

Students Complaints: Formal Review form (Word) (PDF version)


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