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Responsibilities of Staff and Students

The University expects all its staff and students to comply fully with its Data Protection Policy and the principles of the Data Protection Act. Disciplinary action may be taken against any employee or student who breaches any of the instructions or procedures following from this Policy.

The Data Protection Officer is responsible for producing and updating guidance and training on Data Protection and related legislation, and responding to all Data Protection queries and subject access requests.

Heads of Departments are responsible for ensuring that all staff and students within their department are fully trained in Data Protection, as part of their ongoing Personal Development Plans, and that they comply with the terms of the Act.

All members of staff should:

  1. ensure that any information they provide to the University in connection with their employment is accurate and up-to-date;
  2. inform the University of any errors or changes to information which they have provided (e.g., change of address);
  3. take all reasonable steps to protect any data which they process, especially sensitive information, and avoid unnecessary disclosures;
  4. immediately inform the Compliance team if they begin to process new information for a purpose not covered under the University’s registration, or if any personal data is lost or accidentally disclosed.

Students must also ensure that any information they provide to the University is accurate and is kept up-to-date. If any students process personal data about staff or other students (e.g., as a student representative on a University committee or group, or as the secretary of a society), they must ensure that they comply with University Policy and with the requirements of the Act.

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