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1    Who we are and what we do
Organisational information, structures, locations and contacts (current information only)  


 i)  Legal framework                                                           

 Information relating to the legal and corporate status of the institution.



ii)  How the institution is organised                                 

Information about the management structure of the institution, including a description of the Statutory Bodies and the organisational structure together with a description of the work of each unit and the names and responsibilities of key personnel. The information includes faculty and department structures and identifies senior personnel. Terms of reference, membership and description of all boards and committees are also provided.



iii)  Location and contact details                                             



iv)  Student activities                                                          

Information relating to the operation and activities of the Student Union and other clubs, associations and non-academic activities that are organised for or by the students.




v)  Organisations related to the University                                                          

Information relating to organisations which Lancaster University has responsibility for, those it works in partnership with, those it sponsors and companies  wholly owned by it.



vi)  General university information                                            







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